July 23, 2020

How to Mine Cryptocurrency at Home on Your PC? Best Coins for 2020

Although Bitcoin mining on personal computers is no longer available, there are still many cryptocurrencies available for mining. Not all of them are profitable, so you need to know which currencies you can use before starting.

The 5 best cryptocurrencies to mine from your PC in 2020

We have prepared a list of 5 cryptocurrencies that can still be mined from a PC and are profitable to use. All predictions show that the value of each of these coins will constantly grow. The earlier you start, the more you will earn!


One Monero (XMR) coin currently costs around 65 USD. This cryptocurrency is well-suited for mining from a personal computer and isn’t very hard to get. The major reason is that an ASIC is not required here.

First, like with any other crypto coin, you create a wallet where your money will be kept. One of the best options is using Monero’s official client. After that, you must install the mining software. Two options specifically for Monero are:

  • MultiMiner
  • Guiminer

There are also many other programs that can be used. Surf the Web and choose the most suitable option for yourself.

The mining software uses your CPU’s or GPU’s power to earn coins. With the first option, it is recommended to use AMD Opteron or Intel Xeon processors. The AMD CPU produces around 415h/s and that is a very high result. The second option, GPU’s power, is a far better choice if you seriously are into this thing. Some of the best choices are these two graphic cards: AMD R9 280x and AMD Radeon Rx 580.

After several coins are mined, you can sell them on an exchange. For instance, Binance and Bitfinex accept Monero.


Remember the meme with Doge? Well, yes, the coin is dedicated to it. The interesting thing about this cryptocurrency is that it adds coins each year instead of cutting the supplies. One coin costs $0,0024. It is recommended to use the Dogecoin core wallet.

Fun fact: You need at least 122 GB of free storage space to install the full version of the wallet. Otherwise, mining is not possible.

If you want to use your CPU, then CPU miner is the best software. However, be ready that it will be inefficient and slow. Graphics cards work way faster. For mining Dogecoin (DOGE) with a GPU, it is better to use cgminer or cudaminer.

To increase your profits, a good idea is to work with a mining pool. You can use CoinEx for this. After you get several coins, you can turn an exchange. These can be Binance or OKEx.


Vertcoin (VTC) is a cryptocurrency that was made for small mining operations. The developers are against the usage of ASIC and any similar hardware. One VTC coin costs $0.316.

The main idea of Vertcoin is that it is “the people’s coin”. That is why mining software that is made specifically for mining this specific coin was made. It can be downloaded from the coin’s official website. Both CPU and GPU mining are supported. However, only Nvidia or AMD cards can be used.

The software is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. You will start mining in just a few clicks. After some coins are earned, they can be exchanged on Bittrex or UPBit.


Bytecoin (BCN) is another easy-to-mine altcoin. There is no need to use a pool to get at least something. Of course, you can mine solo, but keep in mind that with mining pools your profits are much bigger. First, you create a wallet. Then, you start mining with the program and that is it! One Bytecoin costs $0.00022.

There are many pools that one can use. For instance, there is bytecoin.party that does not charge any fees at all! However, you need to use software that works with the pool. An example is xmrig.

Once you mine enough coins, you can exchange them to cash on HitBTC or Poloniex. We do not recommend using all your coins at once because the price will grow as time passes.


Grin is a cryptocurrency that is focused on privacy and scalability. The blockchain uses a POW-algorithm which is ASIC-resistant. The developers do everything to prevent the creation of an ASIC specifically for their coin. One Grin (GRIN) coin costs $0.45.

It is possible to mine this currency with your CPU and GPU. Nvidia cards are thought to be the most efficient here. At least 5.5 GB of free space is required to start mining. The usage of the coin is a bit tricky, so read the detailed instructions on the coin’s official website. Once several coins are mined, they can be exchanged on Bittrex or HitBTC.

We hope these cryptocurrencies have got your interest. In the near future, we are sure to see them at much higher prices and with higher demand.